When choosing a roofing contractor you should be very careful in making your final choice and always ensure that you have checked them our fully in advance before hiring them.If you ensure that you choose a good contractor in terms of price, reliability and experience then the possibility of problems will be dramatically reduced.

Take a look at our contractor checklist

  • Select up to three contractors to look at the job and ask for previous testimonials.
  • Ask for advice from each contractor on what they believe would be the best course of action and then you can compare the three.
  • Ask for quotes from each but think carefully before choosing the cheapest one! Your final decision should be based on the quality and service that you are going to receive and your confidence in the contractor
  • Consider whether the contractors offer any guarantees on the work they will do and whether those guarantees are backed up by any relevant body such as the NFRC.
  • Ensure that you receive the quote in writing unless the job is small and urgent.
  • Remember that estimates can change once the contractor as removed the main covering to expose the sub-structure beneath.
  • Agree all payment terms before commencement of the work.
  • Don’t expect free advice from contractors unless you have a genuine intention of hiring them.
  • Remember that you as the property owner are responsible for any planning permission required.